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Xiamen xin technology marketing type site is launched

In order to adapt to the needs of the development of the company, set up the company brand image, improve the company reputation, and make full use of the Internet media function, satisfy the customer through the network understand the real estate industry information, provide a better online services to the customers, through meticulous planning and preparation, xiamen long xin electronics technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: xiamen xin technology) website (http://www.xkjcsb.cn/) formally running on January 16, 2019.

We cooperate with electronic products manufacturers

With the improving of the xin science and technology, brand awareness, xin science and technology from research and development manufacturing, cengcengbaguan, strictly control the quality. Let the stability of the products with convenience to get a lot of ascension, is deep the customer praise. This year, listed company surplus electronic after more than a dozen similar products in the screening, finally chose and xin science and technology cooperation, and xin technology send to foreign factories use ultrasonic welding machine, German companies ShenShu instrument, to high standards of product requirements, with German companies in choosing intelligent ultrasonic welding machine, through several contrast, finally chose and xin science and technology cooperation.

Plastic welding machine in the important role in

As people living in the increase of the demand for lightweight tools and the rapid development of plastic industry, the application of plastics in life will be more and more, more and more widely, all kinds of plastic welding method will also get rapid development, such as plastic welding technology level has become the production development level of high technology and new materials. Can be convinced that all kinds of plastic welding method will play a role of more and more widely in various industrial fields.